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Why is search engine optimization (SEO) important? Because when you're ranked on the first page of the search results, people tend to trust you. Anyone who has information or products they want users to find, should be using SEO efforts to improve their organic reach.

SEO consists of on and off-page factors. Just because you have a website it doesn't mean you're automatically on the front page of search engine result page (SERPs). 

seo doesn't happen overnight | virteomSEO doesn't happen overnight

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a buzzword every business owner and marketing person is intrugied by. Who isn’t interested in the idea of increasing their organic reach? But there is a common misconception when it comes to SEO — SEO is not a one time deal, and it doesn’t happen overnight.


When we implement an SEO strategy, we like to make improvements over time to help increase your organic reach. 


Content Optimization

Increase in ContentIf you're looking to improve your organic search appearance, content optimization is one of the best way to improve your web presence. As 'they' say content is king. Content optimization focuses on ways to make your written word more appealing to search engines and ultimately people searching for your services or products.


Off-Page SEO Factors

Off-Page Factors | VirteomContent, or the words on your webpage, is not the only thing that affects your SEO. There are many off-page factors that can be implemented to improve your organic reach. If you’re missing things like metatags, metadescriptions and alt tags your missing out on key pieces of your SEO strategy.

Make My existing Website Search Engine OPtimized

Want to improve the content on your website? Through keyword analysis and your website analytics, we'll be able to determine what words or long tail keywords people type into search engines to land on your website. Then, we'll give you a revised document with suggestions to edit the content for search engine optimization.

Build My Website with SEO In Mind

Haven't written the content for your website yet? There are a few pre-writing goals we can suggest to guide you when writing the content for your website. We'll use what we've learned about your company in our discovery sessions to assist you. Content optimization will aid in attracting your target customer base to your website.

seo boosts


SEO Boost Basic

Our Team will run a standard SEO scan of your site each month. This scan will reveal technical issues that can affect your organic search engine rankings. Virteom will fix the basic SEO issues to keep your website running at optimal performance.

Price: $50+

SEO Boost Blitz

Our team will conduct an in-depth SEO Scan of your website and fix as many issues as we can to help you organically rank better. Virteom will then correct the errors that are not current best practices monitoring site structure, images and content.

Price: $999+

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