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Boost your business with our sales and marketing automation software, TouchConvert. It is a powerful yet simple CRM, email and drip marketing tool to convert leads into customers, and keep the ones you have!

Connect it into your website forms and automatically drop leads in, and add them to email and drip campaigns. This allows your sales team to get on the same page.

Track Your Customers | CRM SALES BOOSTCRM made simple


Have you ever asked your sales person how fast they type? Well, you should — especially if you have them working in an over-sized CRM that takes them hours a day to fill in information on potential leads. Would you rather have your salesperson out making sales or managing an over bloated CRM that just bogs them down from discovering real sales opportunities?

Virteom has built a simple CRM called TouchConvert. TouchConvert was specifically built to help small to medium sized businesses with their sales and marketing efforts.


CRM Marketing Dashboard | Virteom

never miss a lead

TouchConvert is meant to serve as a campfire for your team to gather around each month. Keep the team on the same page by moving opportunities through the sales funnel, keeping notes, and assigning tasks to team members. 

We make it really simple to find what you need to do to follow-up on potential sales. Adding a contact, an opportunity or a new task is only one click away. Get in and get out so you can get back to doing what you love.




Campaign Boost | VirteomNurture your clients with email marketing

After building your website, you’re left wondering “Now what?” Having a web presence just isn't enough anymore. You need to engage in conversations, boost brand awareness and build trust in your brand - that's where TouchConvert comes in. 

EMail campaign creation

TouchConvert is a sales and marketing automation platform built by us. We designed TouchConvert with small to medium-sized businesses in mind. Creating a well-designed email campaign doesn't have to be hard. TouchConvert has an easy-to-use email design tool that allows you to template, drag, drop, sort, and resize your email to pixel perfection.


When you're running a business, it's hard to stop what you're doing and craft an email to promote the blog you just wrote, or to wish customers a happy holiday. You don't have to. With a campaign boost from Virteom, we're able to get your announcement out while you continue with normal operations.

CRM Reports | TouchConvertCRM REPORTS

Gain insight into what is working for you and what is not with our CRM reports. See who is bringing you in the most leads, what team member is performing best and more!

Sales Flow | TouchConvertTASK FLOW MANAGEMENT

With our task flow management, you'll be able to assign tasks to other team members quickly. You have one unified task list so you can see what you need to do and by when.

Analytics | VirteomTRACKING / REPORTING

Track who is reading, opening and clicking on the links you are sending in your email campaigns with email campaign statistics. You'll learn more about each one of your customers by digging into your stats. 

Drip Campaign | Virteom


Staying in front of your customer is always a challenge. TouchConvert helps you build long-lasting relationships by emailing them relevant information in an automated, time release fashion.


Manage all of your contacts (past, potential, current) in one database. Identify your customer touchpoints (visits to your website, interactions) and more - all on one screen. 

Sales Funnel | VirteomMANAGE SALES FLOW

Keep things on track with custom sales flow. You'll be able to move potential customers through a sales cycle with ease.

Strategy Session | VirteomSTRATEGY SERVICES

Not sure how to use email or drip campaigns to benefit your company? Virteom can act as your marketing partner. We'll help strategize an automated email campaign based on your marketing goals. 


We help you determine who your customers are through persona development and then craft email messages that speak directly to them.

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