What is Hybrid Blogging?

When you promote your business, it is imperative to set yourself apart from the competition. Developing an effective marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business, and doing something different will help increase interest in your company and improve the likelihood of conversions. 

There are many different ways that you can promote your business, and it can be difficult to know where to start.  Working with a skilled marketing partner can help you use all your outlets efficiently and direct you in different ways that will set you apart from your competition. One way to do this is with a term coined by Virteom — hybrid blogging.

What is Hybrid Blogging?

Blogs are essential for today’s businesses. If you think about it, majority of the pages you land on after Googling something is a blog. If you're a current Virteom customer, then you've probably heard CEO Dan Carbone talk about blogs and SEO in terms of frogs and lily pads. (You know, he gives you his whole spiel to think of your website visitors as frogs on a pond — if you have a ton of pages out there, or lily pads, and are constantly adding new ones, and your competitors are not - where is the frog most likely to land? Your website!)

For blogs to be useful, they need to be kept up to date and interesting. One way to keep a blog interesting and keep readers coming back for more is by incorporating videos into them. By combining blogs and videos, you can gain people’s attention, increase conversions and set yourself apart from your completion. If you do not know how to get going with this process on your own, you can work with the experts at Virteom. 

Why Use Hybrid Blogging?

When you use hybrid blogging as part of your marketing strategy, people will more easily identify with you and see that there is a real person behind the business. 

Another benefit of hybrid blogging is that you get to dictate the message. If you're working with external marketing firms on your blog -- it's possible they don't align exactly with your content strategy guide. It's also possible that you've had some unfavorable publicity -- this gives you the opportunity to get in front of the camera and address it.

Why Work With Virteom?

If you have never heard of hybrid blogging, it’s probably because you are not yet familiar with Virteom. Hybrid blogging is a term coined by us to define the act of mixing blogs and videos. Although it is not a proprietary idea, we have turned it into an art form. We even have an entire room dedicated to our video recording sessions. 


When you work with us, you will love the finished product and what it does for your business. 

What Can You Expect When Working With Virteom on hybrid blogs?

If you'd like to get started with hybrid blogging, your first step is to contact Virteom. We only need about 2 hours of your time every other month. That will fuel us for blog posts for the following month! 

These videos give us the ammo we need to post new blogs, blast to social media and email marketing campaigns. With hybrid blogs, you'll be able to see a clear cadence in posting, and reaching potential customers through social media.

If you have specific topics you want to be covered, we can help with those videos and blog posts as well. Ultimately, we help you create valuable information for your target audience and inspire them to engage with your company. 

Simply adding a video to a blog post will make it more likely to garner interest than one that doesn't include one. Adding media to your blog will help to ensure you gain more attention to your company as well as the topic of the blog. Virteom can help you get this done easily.

Get started with hybrid blogs

Contact Virteom today about this unique way to market your company and enhance your blog posts. We can help you build an overall marketing strategy that is sure to help your business gain further success.

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