11 Questions to Ask When Getting Ready to Write Valuable Website Content

11 Questions to Ask When Getting Ready to Write Valuable Website Content

Where do I start? What do I write about?

Where do I Start Writing Web Content | Virteom

Need to write for your website but find yourself asking these questions as you try to get the ball rolling? Don’t worry. These are common questions every business owner asks prior to getting comfortable writing content.

Like all tasks, you can break down the writing process into steps. Once you have a template for how to lay out your ideas, the writing part usually takes care of itself. Let’s analyze how to get ideas for your next piece of content and how to structure your post effectively. 

Asking a few basic questions prior to writing helps grease the slide and moves you into a feeling of momentum and motivation.

1. Who am I writing this post for?

As a business owner, you have already identified one or more buyer personas. Get in touch with who you’re trying to reach most with your next piece of content. Narrowing this down helps focus the entire process. Once you know which buyer persona you’re targeting, you’ll start to get an understanding for how to define the overall post.

2. What topic will I focus on?

Decide on one main topic for your post. For example, a window film business owner may want to focus on security film. This narrows the scope of the post down. The post won’t get into anything to do with decorative window film, for example. Instead, it will stay focused on how window film has the ability to keep thieves out, beef up security, etc.

3. Is this topic important to my audience?

Be careful here. Is your chosen topic one you know for sure they want to know about? This is key. There’s nothing worse than creating content only to find out your target audience doesn’t care about it. If you know your business well, you should have no issues narrowing down topics.

4. What is the purpose of my post?

Every blog post or content piece can revolve around one of four main purposes:

  • entertain
  • solve a problem
  • encourage discussion
  • teach

How you present your material depends greatly on the chosen purpose.

5. What is the one main point I want to drive home?

While you’ll most likely offer multiple ideas throughout your next piece of content, there should be one single idea you’d like your reader to think about.

6. What is the one main reader pain point or problem I will focus on?

This is similar to the previous idea. As you brainstorm the main point to get your reader focused on, ask yourself the main problem they have that revolves around this overall idea.

Going back to the window film example: The main point of the article or webpage might revolve around raising awareness about how window film makes it impossible to break through a window storefront. The pain point the business owner wants to bring up is the vulnerability to theft the owner of a glass window storefront is feeling.

7. What do I want them to do after reading the content?

Before you write, brainstorm the one action step you want your reader to take after digesting your content. Do you want your reader to call you directly, fill out an email newsletter opt-in form, or click to a product page?

8. Which product or service are you promoting?

Knowing this helps you get clear on the action you’re directing your reader to take. Is it a service? A call to set up your service deliverability is most likely the next step. Is it lead generation you’re after? Directing your reader to sign up for your free lead magnet becomes your call-to-action.

Once you write down and know the above information, you’re ready to start writing. Do you see how the above process takes the mystery out of the question: What do I write about?

After you’re done writing, ask yourself a few more questions. This makes sure your above goals have been accomplished.

9. Did my content identify a specific reader problem, agitate it and show how to solve it?

Ask yourself how well you identified and laid out your buyer persona’s main problem. Were you effective in agitating the problem? Is it now clear to your reader that they have this problem and that they must take action to solve it? Does your call-to-action lead well into how you have the solution to this problem?

10. Can I add a bit more value?

Did you provide everything your reader needs? Or, can you add one extra piece of juicy information or one extra tip that makes the content more valuable?

11. Will the content raise objections?

Based on your knowledge of your business, do you think what you wrote might cause an objection to appear in your reader’s mind? If so, how can you go back in and handle that objection inside the content? Do it now so you lower the barrier to getting action when you ask your reader to call you, fill in a form, or click to a product page.

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