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3 Reasons You Should Start Website Maintenance Today

3 Reasons You Should Start Website Maintenance Today

Posted By Virteom
April 16, 2018 Category: Maintenance

If you are running a business, your website is the tool that highlights what your business is all about. Your website defines your business and the services it offers, giving clients the information that influences their decision to buy. Over the years, though, this information can quickly become outdated, which can adversely affect your business if you do not make the necessary changes. Consistent website maintenance is vital to your business’ online presence. Here are three reasons why you should continually update your website: An Updated Website Attracts New Visitors A great website provides useful information that immediately captures the attention of visitors. If your website is professional and tidy, you are likely to leave a lasting first impression with your website’s new visitors. An unkept, outdated website will often scare prospective customers and traffic away. Make sure you consistently update your website’s design themes and content to ensure that your visitors are getting the information they need to make a decision to work with you. If your website is your business’ first impression among site visitors, it’s your job to make that experience engaging and worthwhile. Updated Content Increases Traffic When there are changes to your business, like promotions or giveaways, update your website and give visitors optimal information when they are browsing your site. Outdated content and information that is irrelevant to visitors dr

What Can your Account Manager Do for You?

What Can your Account Manager Do for You

Posted By Virteom
October 27, 2017 Category: Maintenance, Tips

Once you’ve sign up with Virteom, you have an entire team behind you from website development to post launch. Think of us as your extended marketing partner. We won’t abandon you once your website is built and leave you wondering – what now?. Our mission is to help your company grow – which is why post website launch success is so important to us. In order to fulfill our mission – we assign each account to an account manager. This allows the account manager to personalize your experience based on your industry and marketing goals. But, what is an account manager anyway? What can they do for you? In this video we summarize a few of the things we help our customers with: What is an Account Manager? What does an Account Manager do? An account manager is an individual who will work with you to achieve success within your website and beyond. This can be through marketing tactics, specific deliverables, online marketing, and much more.  We can handle any overflow you may have and execute tasks quickly.  What can my account manager do for me? Although we consider ourselves a jack of all trades, some of the things we have assisted customers with in the past are: Monthly blog creation/posting: That’s right. We’ll write the blog, post it to your website, and even share it on your social media accounts for you– all we need is your guidance on a topic each month! Reporting: Receive insight on which pages are perform

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