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At Virteom, People Are Touched Emotionally in a Digital World

At Virteom, People Are Touched Emotionally in a Digital World

Posted By Dan Carbone
March 29, 2023 Category: Web Design, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Website, Lead Generation, Advertising, Sales

As a digital marketing agency, we at Virteom offer a mix of web design, lead generation, advertising, and sales, all of which is developed as a way to reach the right people at the right

Where You Should Advertise Depends on Your Client’s Needs

Where You Should Advertise Depends on Your Clients Needs

Posted By Dan Carbone
March 29, 2023 Category: Ads, Advertising, Social Media, Business, Success, Website

Advertising in the digital world is complex, and many businesses have no idea which social media site is the best for placing an

At Virteom, Your Sales are Our Passion

At Virteom, Your Sales are Our Passion

Posted By Dan Carbone
March 28, 2023 Category: Business, Marketing, Seo, Sales, Advertising, Website, Ads, Campaign

The key to a successful business is generating sales, and we believe we have what it takes to help you achieve that.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Posted By Virteom
August 21, 2020 Category: Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising  Are you ready to see your Ad Campaign results presented clearly? Tired of spending too much time and money on your ad campaigns? Feeling intimidated as you take your marketing efforts into the digital world? You're not alone. Virteom can Help with Your Ad Campaign There are lots of things to consider... What platform do I advertise on? How much does it cost to advertise online? How do I know I’ll be reaching my target audience? But quite possibly, the most glaring question is, where do I start with online advertising? Virteom offers Online Advertising services allowing us to act as your marketing partner and work as an extension of your team to help you in your paid digital marketing efforts, elevating your online presence. Digital ads are a very effective and efficient way to accelerate leads to your business! Our advertising campaigns are pay per click (PPC) and can be focused locally or nationally on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Our Ad Booster Includes: Keyword Optimization Sales Call Tracking Unlimited Email Support Conversion Tracking Weekly Reporting Integrated Website Forms Learn More About PPC Advertising with Virteom If you are interested in learning more about our pay per click ads with the Virteom Ad Booster, contact us

What Can PPC Do For Your Online Marketing?

What Can PPC Do For Your Online Marketing

Posted By Virteom
May 17, 2018 Category: Advertising

At first blush, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) seems like a simple way to garner marketing exposure for a nominal cost. Marketing agencies in the know have discovered it is much more. Your SEO effectiveness, Organic Search Rank, and advertising ROI grow by leaps and bounds with the application of a well orchestrated PPC campaign. Not convinced? Here’s how it works its marketing magic. ppc ads Increase Visibility Your PPC uses similar target keywords to SEO for your original content. Instead of playing a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey with the right keyword combinations, your PPC ads jump to 2nd or 3rd on most search engine results pages (SERPs) when you hit on that winning combination. You don’t have to be number one if your ad comes up above the fold below the top result. This is highly coveted space, and if your SEO keywords for your content and the PPC align well, you will start seeing more above the fold time. More visibility means more clicks, and those clicks directly translate into leads and sales. Top Performing PPC Ad Copy Helps Focus Your Organic Content Strategy If you are ranking up quick on SERPs thanks to PPC, that means you can use the performance analytics of your PPC keywords to help improve the SEO of your content. Instead of relying on just one set of analytics results, you now have twice the test pool to select just the right keyword combinations. PPC Improves Social Media Visibility Got a specific target audience in mind for your marketin

5 Things To Know Before Advertising Online

5 Things To Know Before Advertising Online

Posted By Virteom
February 06, 2018 Category: Tips, Advertising

  Online advertising meets consumers where they hang. It's effective and its success continues to grow with the explosion of technology and SaaS platforms. There are hundreds of strategies to online advertising and many places you can post ads. So where do you start? Your Online Advertising Options There are many places to advertise online but for our purposes here, we are going to break it down into two ad types: Passive and Active Advertising. Think about these from the customer perspective; are they finding your ads in passing or are they searching for the answer? Active Advertising  Active advertising means that the user you reach is actively looking for a solution to a problem. These are typically Search Ads but can also be found on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Have you noticed the results labeled “Ad” at the top? Search engine ads come up when you search for something on Google (or any search engine) and are based on PPC (Pay per click). Something to keep in mind here is that the cost of advertising on search engines varies depending on your competitors in the industry. These ads are good for products and services that solve urgent needs. For example, if you are a roofer, your customer will be seeking you out when their roof endures damage. Passive advertising Passive Advertising means that the user finds your solution while doing something else. The first thing you think of here is social media. How many times do you see

3 Google AdWords Hacks To Increase Conversions For The Long Term

3 Google AdWords Hacks To Increase Conversions For The Long Term

Posted By Virteom
December 19, 2017 Category: Advertising, Tips, Marketing

Google AdWords is THE online advertising platform to get your product out there in front of millions of viewers and help you edge out the competition online. Whether you've already started dabbling in AdWords or are new to the AdWords game, you want to make sure it's going to provide value and be worth your time.  To determine the value of AdWords for your business, you have to do some research into the keywords and competitiveness of your industry. To help you prepare for your preliminary research, let's break it down: Here's how it works: Google displays ads in a text format and posts the content you create within the Google network through search results. This gets your information to users all over the internet and more specifically, users who have searched for your keywords that you targeted. You bid for keywords against other competitors, so there are industries with more expensive keywords and some that are cheaper. If you don’t see an immediate impact on your conversions (the ad clicks that turn into leads for your company) you feel like you’re wasting your money buying the ads in the first place. While it may seem that AdWords just doesn't work for you, it’s also important to understand that AdWords isn’t a hands-off system. There are many ways to invest your time and better the value of your AdWord campaigns and it all starts with diligence. It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Diligence is th

Is Advertising with Google Ads Enough?

Is Advertising with Google Ads Enough

Posted By Virteom
March 28, 2017 Category: Advertising

When it comes to online marketing, the sheer amount of variety that is available is astounding. Not only can your advertisements appear on numerous websites all across the internet, but you can also utilize search engines that will advertise your content when users type in certain keywords and search terms.;Among these, most business owners flock to Google Ads as the go-to search engine and keyword advertising platform, maybe because of the popularity and ubiquity of Google searches. However, there are numerous reasons to consider also advertising on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo!, and on an active basis — not just as an afterthought. To start, advertising on these platforms can save you a lot of money while having a similar effect as Google Ads. Ad prices are measured in “cost per click” (CPC), meaning that you are charged for each time a user clicks your advertisement from the search engine’s page. The CPC for Bing, for example, is about 33% lower than for Google AdWords, which means Bing can be utilized in a similar fashion for a much lower cost. Furthermore, Bing and Yahoo! remain very popular search engines — and many times those search engine users are unique, which means that you will be getting a completely separate demographic from your advertisements on Google. While Google’s reach is enormous, with 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, statistics show that one in five internet

3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Google Ads

3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Google Ads

Posted By Virteom
December 08, 2016 Category: Marketing, Tips, Advertising

One of the most powerful tools for your small business doubles as a noun and a verb: Google. On any given day, how many times do you use Google to quickly look something up? How often have you heard someone say to someone else, “Just Google it"? The behemoth tech company rakes in more than $60 billion a year thanks to its ad banners (and hundreds of other endeavors) and has one of the simplest tools available to help intrepid entrepreneurs everywhere: Ads. You have no doubt heard of Google’s Ads services. Here are a few reasons your small (or even medium to large) business should tak advantage of Google Ads: 1. your website gains FrontPage Positioning This alone is worth the cost of Google’s advertising service. Using Ads will help ensure first page returns for your ad. “The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google because no one will ever look there.” This is a joke, of course, but it’s so true. Think about your own Google searches. Have you ever clicked beyond the first page, let alone the second page? A recent study indicated that only 8% of searchers ever click beyond the first page.  So, if you are hoping to actually have people see your ad, nevermind even visiting your page, swallow the pain and spend that little extra. It will return to you many times over. 2. immediate focus on the area you service What’s true in real estate applies to your digital footprint as well. Google’s

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