2013 Update to Virteom Core System

Free Virteom Upgrade for You!

It's been one year since Virteom opened it's doors and we couldn't have done it without you.  To show our appreciation we are going to upgrade many of our modules for you at no cost to you.  This will just automatically happen and will be done without disruption to your website or platform.  Some of the upgrades include the following...

  1. A more enhanced navigation system. Since the advent of blogs, webpage names have gotten ridiculously long. We've changed the format and some of the features have been enhanced to allow you more flexibility and options as you manage your content.
  2. Updating the content management system to allow more stability with foreign and unwanted code.
  3. Updated the daily lead report by removing some unwanted redundancy in how the reports on a daily basis.
  4. Added a filter system to the Daily Lead Aggregate to allow you to zero in on your prospective customers by filtering down to the amounts of clicks, views and search terms entered.  This will allow a more accurate way to convert your retrospectives into leads.
  5. Updated the over all login system to handle the way it kicks an editor out of the system during page creation.
  6. Updated the file manager to properly refresh after a login.
  7. Updated the core editing system to be compatible with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.
  8. If you have an eCommerce platform with Virteom, we've updated the URLS for products to be more SEO friendly.
  9. And there are many many more enhancements and improvements to keep making our product better.

We are also brewing up something new and exciting.  We can't wait to show you what's next.

Stay tuned for more information.

Please Provide us Feedback

If there is anything you wish we could add to the platform that would make your life better or make the platform better please feel free to share below.

Notice: This update is a free gift to all of our customers. To keep your platform up to date, please call Virteom to set up a maintenance agreement. If you are an active customer that utilizes our services, we always slip in the updates for you automatically.

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