Closed Loop Recycling Launches

Virteom launches website Closed Loop Recycling. Closed Loop Recycling was looking for something more than just a simple website launch, they were looking for a way to integrate an ongoing marketing plan for their organization.  Pairing up with Virteom, Closed Loop was able to run both an online marketing campaign with their offline trade show initiatives.  Being able to effectively communicate to their attendees before during and after the trade show was key to driving Closed Loop Recycling website launchtheir success.  In then end they created 700 leads in 4 days.  So how did they do it?

It was a combination of how and when they sent out their 20,000+ email communications through Virteom, how they tracked those leads using Virteom's lead tools and the creativity of their team to know how to effectively communicate to their audience. Through a combination of having the right people on the floor at the tradeshow and a proper communication mechanism reinforcing their initiatives became key to their success.

They measured this by creating a specific URL called This allowed them to track the success of the trade show by measuring people that came through that portal.  Even though was just another webpage inside of Closed Loop's website, it allowed them to measure the trade show's success. Using Virteoms lead tools and tracking mechanisms helped them justify and navigate their campaign.

It's important to drive your visitors back to the site so that after the trade show ends the customer still has a place to go and interact with Closed Loop to build upon that relationship.  With proper measurement using Virteom's sales lead aggregation tools Closed Loop will be able to effectively zero in on potential leads and drive up their sales efforts.

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