Convenient and Affordable Digital Marketing

Convenient and Affordable Digital Marketing

Grow Your Dental Practice with Affordable Video and Content Marketing

As a dentist, you are far too busy to be heading your own marketing initiatives. At the same time, it can be expensive to hire an internal marketing professional, especially one that specializes in dental care. 

You're looking to grow your practice and gain more patients, but you don't have the time, or you don't even know where to start. 

Have no fear; Virteom is here!

Today, we are chatting with one of our long-time clients, Dr. Laaper, over at Coshocton Dentistry in Coshocton, Ohio. Dr. Laaper and his business partner and fellow dentist, Dr. Dunlap, have been working with us for over two years now. 

Since they've partnered with us, we've helped them with many of their marketing initiatives, from website design and content creation to regularly scheduled vlog posts and ads. 

How to Get Easy Leads as a Dental Practice?

When the Coshocton team came to us, they were searching for a marketing solution that would be easy, affordable, and, most importantly, produce results! For them, their answer was the Hybrid Blog Booster. 

What is the Hybrid Blog Booster?

In a nutshell, this Booster is a combination of the two most important elements in digital marketing: Video and Copy. Once every eight weeks or so, the doctors meet with us virtually to record eight videos on topics that are most important to them and their patients. 

Topics can include products, services, company updates, specials, fun facts, educational content, trending search terms, and so much more!

Once the video shoot is over, we take it from there. Each week, we post a keyword loaded blog accompanied with your professionally edited video to your website and blast a notice out on all of your social media channels. 

That's a lotta bang for your buck (and your time!)

What is the Process Like for You?

According to Dr. Laaper, our Hybrid Blog Booster is a super convenient and effective way to generate leads for new patients. 

Before partnering with Virteom, Coshocton Dentistry never really had a digital presence which is so important in today's world. Now they do!

Dr. Laaper also notes his love for the remote-style videos – they used to travel 2 hours both ways for our video shoots. We love the commitment, but we had to find a way to make it better for them!

Overall, Dr. Laaper says that our services have been a great experience for both him and his practice. 

What Would You Say to Someone Who Was Interested in Video Marketing?

"Just Do It!" – Dr. Laaper

Dr. Laaper, much like many of our other clients, say that they were apprehensive at first (mostly because they are nervous on camera.) But our team makes it easy and comfortable. You just get in the studio (or hop on a Zoom call) and talk about your passion, and it becomes second nature before you know it!

Learn More About Affordable Lead Generation 

Whether you're a dentist, manufacturer, landscaper, roofer, software designer, and literally anything in between, our Hybrid Blog Booster gives you the podium you need to spread the word about your business. If you are interested in learning more about the package or any of our other effective digital marketing services, contact us today!

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