Digital Technology Development

Digital Technology Development

Is your business looking for reliable, quality, and affordable digital technology solutions? Whether you know exactly what you need or are still developing your plan of attack, Virteom can help you facilitate that process. 

We have over 20 years of experience designing and developing websitesweb apps, SPAs, SaaS platformsmobile applicationsMVPs, and much more!

Virteom and CTO/ IT Managers

As a CTO or an IT Manager, you know how technology works and why it is so essential for success, especially looking forward to the future. Our team at Virteom knows that, too – That is why we want to help you get some of your time back by designing, developing, and maintaining the technology you need to help your business run efficiently. 

Why Choose Virteom for Technology Development?

With our experience and passion for creating helpful, easy-to-use digital solutions, we offer our CTO and IT Managers the peace of mind they need. You need to know that the company you work with to create these solutions is trustworthy and knowledgeable. 

We showcase some of our favorite projects in our blog. Check them out to see our capabilities!

Learn More About Digital Technology Development 

If you are interested in learning more about our website, web app, SPA, SaaS platform, mobile application, MVP capabilities, contact us today!

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Website Design and Marketing Made Easy

This week, we are joined by Richard from Richard A. Myers, Jr. & Associates, LLC Senior Planning Attorneys, to talk about his experiences working with Virteom.  Richard and his team came to us with the need for more leads and to create a larger reach in the Cleveland, Ohio area. One of Richard's biggest goals is to provide the knowledge and resources people need for their senior care planning.  Here is why they chose Virteom! New and Improved Attorney Website Having had many websites in the past, Richard and his team were looking for a unique yet effective website that would be easy to use. With our Customer Website Design Booster, we were able to build and manage this for them! Richard remarks that, by far, his favorite part of the experience was how involved our team was when getting to know their needs.  Our Discovery Booster marks the start of any of our web development projects. This process allows us to really take a deep dive into our client's business

Sep 22, 2021 Posted By Virteom

New Website for Local Title & Escrow Agency

First Source Title came to Virteom for a new website in 2021. Because they were focusing company efforts on nationwide expansion, they knew it was time for an updated site that would work in every way they needed it to.  The goal of a new website was to highlight their national expansion, emphasize their service through a technology approach, and focus on customer experience. At First Source Title, the customer is always put first and made a priority, and the team really wanted their website to illustrate that.  As with all website development projects with Virteom, the First Source team started with a Discovery Booster. This was their opportunity to train our team on their brand, website goals, key differentiator, who they serve & what they offer clients.    One thing the Virteom team loved about First Source Title’s approach to business is that they consider all customers family – just like us! Bringing Personalized Content to Life The team at

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Lead Generating Website Design

Web Development Booster Build a Smart Website, Grow Your Business These days, web is everything. People discover you online first and make decisions from your web presence, which is why your business website needs to do more than inform. What is a Smart Website? A smart site puts you ahead of the competition by telling stories, converting leads through form integration, incorporating the latest in web trends, using valuable content, interacting with the end-user, being mobile responsive, and more. Why Choose Website Design and Development with Virteom? We take a unique approach to building and designing websites. We focus on your customers as the centerpiece of your site. They are the ones who will be using your website to determine if you are the business for them, so it is important to speak to them! Web Development Process Discovery  Discovery is an essential component in building a great and valuable website. This is when our team meets with your team so we

Jan 26, 2021 Posted By Virteom

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How Do I Know If The Forms On My Website Are Working?

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Properly working forms on your website is essential to customer satisfaction. If your business website has forms for people to use, you might want to check up on them to make sure they're working correctly. But how exactly do you know if your website forms are working correctly? The first step is checking the forms regularly, and

Are Website Chat Boxes Harmful Or Helpful?

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So the real question here is, are website chat boxes harmful or helpful? But before we answer that, we should explain what a website chat box is for those who have no clue what we're covering in this blog

Why You Should Be Indexing With Google

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Indexing with Google is crucial to the overall success of your digital marketing campaign. But how do you know if your website is indexing with Google? Why is indexing so essential to digital marketing? Keep reading below to find

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