Effective Video Marketing Grabs Attention and Boosts SEO

A television show, movie, video game — they all hold our interest. And, while most of us love a good quality program, even the less-than-stellar options keep our attention at times. Incorporating video marketing into your marketing strategy capitalizes on this draw.

Why Video Marketing is Important to You

Videos hold human attention longer than our usual eight second, similar-to-a-goldfish span. Elevating us to new heights, video marketing interactively engages your audience, raises brand awareness and prompts lead generation. EyeView Digital suggests that landing page videos boost conversions by 80 percent.

Increased time spent on your branded page, the trust raised with your audience and capitalizing on our human preference for having material fed to us (rather than reading it) gives video a leg up. But there’s more. Check out this HighQ infographic for the stats on why video must be an integral part of your marketing strategy this year.

How Video Marketing Fits Your Strategy

Incorporating a video into each stage of the buyer journey gets you started without being overwhelmed. In an iMPACT blog, Carina Duffy suggests educating consumers at the awareness stage, explaining at the consideration stage and showing or demonstrating at the decision stage — all with video.

Connecting video content to your buyer personas benefits the consumer and fits your brand. For instance, use the common questions your site visitors ask to create educational (but fun) video content, like how-to and frequently asked question videos. Or, explain how your product solves a problem of your buyer persona with comparison and product guides. 

How Video Marketing Boosts SEO

Consumers are not the only ones you are trying to attract. To get noticed on the web, you also need to rank with search engines. Videos boost search engine optimization (SEO) by improving search engine result page (SERP) rankings, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.

Click through rates (CTRs) improve when video content is easily accessible on your website. These CTRs and the fact that users thoroughly watch videos speaks to their popularity. Plus, internet users love to share video content. Passing your video message across multiple social platforms increases its social relevance and domain strength — key factors in building SEO.

What Next?

Making your brand visible to consumers and search engines means taking advantage of the age-old human fascination with the screen. Start with one video — perhaps in the first stage of your buyer’s journey — and add from there. The results alone will inspire you to continue.

Contact Virteom today to incorporate cutting edge video marketing into your strategy and reach your buyer persona.

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