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Lead Generating Website Design

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Build a Smart Website, Grow Your Business

These days, web is everything. People discover you online first and make decisions from your web presence, which is why your business website needs to do more than inform.

What is a Smart Website?

A smart site puts you ahead of the competition by telling stories, converting leads through form integration, incorporating the latest in web trends, using valuable content, interacting with the end-user, being mobile responsive, and more.

Why Choose Website Design and Development with Virteom?

We take a unique approach to building and designing websites. We focus on your customers as the centerpiece of your site. They are the ones who will be using your website to determine if you are the business for them, so it is important to speak to them!

Web Development Process


Discovery is an essential component in building a great and valuable website. This is when our team meets with your team so we can learn everything there is to know about your company.

Pre-Brief- a survey that goes out to leaders in your business so we can complete a leadership cross-analysis.

Leadership Cross-Analysis – allows us to make sure we are covering every inch of who your business is and see what you want and need out of your website.

Buyer Persona Development – allows us to build your website with your customers in mind while speaking to your different audiences, providing them the info they need.

Site Mapping / Customer Journey- We then create a site map that is essentially all of the pages that will be on your website. This really helps us understand the customer journey.

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Content Collection

When it comes to the content collection there are two choices.

  • You provide your own content.
  • We conduct a content interview that we record and transcribe to best fit your website and speak to your buyers.
    • This can be branded and edited so that we can use them on your site (highly recommended.) 
    • Or, they can just be used for writing content and never be seen again.

Content is an extremely crucial part of your website because we want to make sure your message is right and that you're actually speaking to your customers. 

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Template Selection

We provide you with the top five templets that we think will fit your business and brand. If you want a more custom template, we offer a custom web design booster.

Site Development 

Our developers begin building your website on a staging site which is a replica of what your new site will look like. This is when you are able to get your first look at how your site will look.

Content Placement

This is when your site really comes to life! Once your content is written and approved, it will appear on your pages alongside stock photos or photos you provide in addition to the videos you recorded with content collection if you choose.

Review and Revisions

Once everything is added to your website, we begin the review and revisions process. We like to keep this to two revision meetings, Alpha and Beta. This allows us to quickly turnaround all of your revision and gets your website launched as soon as possible.


And finally, once all of the revisions are in we can launch your site into the world!

Learn More About Website Design and Development with Virteom 

If it’s time for a new website for your business, Virteom knows how to design the perfect website that your customers (and you) will love! Contact us today to learn more. 

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