Lead Generation Through Remote Video Marketing

Studio Suite is one of our newest clients here at Virteom, and their situation with us is a little unique. As you know, Virteom is a Cleveland, Ohio based company, but Studio Suite is located all the way in California. They came to us in love with the idea of our All-In-One Marketing Booster, which has helped so many of our customers gain new business through video and content marketing. 

Checkout Some of Studio Suite Remote Interviews:

These videos are used in Studio Suite's Blogs, Advertisements, Social Media Campaigns and more to help promote their product. Imagine what these videos can do for your business.

Affordable Remote Video Marketing

We were eager to work with Studio Suite, so we got to work on a revolutionary service that allowed us to easily provide our video marketing services to them even though they were hours away. 

How Does it Work?

In this day and age, we are all pretty familiar with the Zoom conference call. We simply use Zoom to have a virtual conversation with Studio Suite, and our expert video editors make the videos look like a newsroom feature, similar to what you see in the video above.

Every other process is the same as our in-person videos, but we just aren't in the same room. 

How Was Your Experience with Virteom's Virtual Video Interview?

Julio, from Studio Suite, is thrilled with his experience and couldn't be happier about the outcome. Though he was a little apprehensive and nervous at first, he quickly adapted once he realized it was just like any other casual conversation. 

Made a few mistakes? No problem! Our editors can make seamless transitions while editing to delete any mistakes or misspoken words. We can also simply retake the same video if you don't like how you presented the first one. 

And the Best Part of All?

These remote video interviews require very little time on your part. Once you send us over your topics and B-roll and shoot the interview, you're done! Then your videos will be released on a weekly cycle to your website and all of your social channels. This keeps you in front of your current customers and exposes you to new leads. 

Learn More About Studio Suite

Studio Suite is a studio management platform that allows its users to increase their workflow and productivity by having access to all of their important info and tasks in one easy to use software. 

Gain New Leads and Grow Your Business

If you want to learn more about how Virteom's remote video interviews can help you grow your business, no matter where you are, contact us today!

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