Marketing Ad Reports Show How You Gain Leads

Marketing Ad Reports Show How You Gain Leads | Virteom

At Virteom, we offer many different marketing packages that can help businesses of all industries grow. Our most popular, the All-In-One, provides all of the best and most effective digital marketing benefits in a compressed, convenient, and affordable bundle. 

One of the components of our marketing packages that customers find extremely beneficial is Ads. We can compile an ad campaign to target the type of customers you are looking to attract, whether they are local or nationwide. 

The great thing about ad marketing with Virteom is that you get a report, either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, you name it, and you can see how each ad is bringing you new customers. 

How to Read Your Ad Report

Vanity Metrics 


An impression is simply when someone sees your ad but takes no action.


A click is when someone sees your ad, and they engaged with that ad. This number is much more important than impressions because it means that this person saw your ad and decided that this is what they were looking for. 

Lead Metrics


A conversion is the most important part of the ad report. It is when someone has seen and engaged with your ad and then contacted you in some way. There are three ways for a potential customer to become a conversion:

  • Website form submissions- if someone fills out the form on your website.
  • Ad calls- if they call you directly from the ad.
  • Site calls- if they call your number listed on your site.

The example shown in the video is for one week for one of our dentist clients. The value of a customer for this dentist is about ten thousand dollars. So if all eight of these conversions turned into actual customers, that could be about eighty thousand dollars in business in just one week. 

How We Maximize Your Ads

Virteom can help you maximize your ads by helping you understand how those impressions and clicks became conversions. If you look at your ad report, you see "Search Phrases" and "Programmed Keywords."

Search Phrases- These are the phrases that people type into Google when they land on your company. Google knows which phrases should be sent to your ad for the most part, and then they find some that we didn't, which we can even program into your ads. We can also eliminate keywords that are similar to your industry but aren't a part of your business; this is called a negative keyword. Altogether, these search phrases help us shape your ad campaign for maximum conversion rates. 

Programmed Keywords- As discussed above, these are the keywords that we manually place into your ads so that when people search those words, they will land on your ad. The great thing about being able to program these keywords is that we are able to add and remove them as we need to attract the right customers to your business. 

Overall, ads are a great way to grow your business by gaining new customers. But ads are even better with Virteom because you can see exactly how many customers you are gaining with our ad reports. 

If you need to boost your business, ads are included with the All-In-One Marketing Booster and our Ads Booster, and we have many other services that are designed to help you increase your customer base. Contact us today with any questions about getting ads through Virteom or if you are already a customer and want to discuss your ad reports. 

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