Deploying Virteom with your Tech Team

Can Virteom be built and managed by you?Gateway Exhibits launches new website on the Virteom Platform

Over the past decade it has always been a mystery as to if the Virteom Platform could be managed by an external company and their own employees.  And I don't mean just the content, but actually building their entire website ground up on the Virteom platform with their own developers, subject matter experts, designers and so on.  Today marks a new era in Virteom's history where one of our customers does just that very thing. Congratulations to Gateway Exhibits for teaming up with Virteom and our platform to launch their brand new website. It's gorgeous!

Virteom is not proprietary, it's open to you and me.

This is a very big milestone for Virteom and a testament to all of our current and future customers. Why would this be such a big deal?  It demonstrates that with or without Virteom, the platform can live on and flourish on its own. This is very important for any platform to be successful.  Nobody wants to be locked into a proprietary platform. Today is the day that Virteom proves that you can have your cake and eat it too! It demonstrates a new era for Virteom where others can embrace and mold our technology with or without us. This allows Virteom to offer a vast variety of flexibility.

No need to be concerned anymore.

I've been in the web and mobile sales cycle for a couple of decades now, so I understand the meaning of owning your own platform.  There are two types of clients that Virteom services. The first type is "hands on" and the second type is "hands off'.  If a client comes to Virteom with a "hands off" approach, they've got the entire Virteom team backing them up from start to finish. No sweat.  If a client comes to us and wants to own the majority of the development cycle, they can. Using a stable, tried and true platform like Virteom allows them to save cost, time, and resources. Why start ground-up when you can use a stable platform that has been powering websites and mobile applications for over a decade?

I personally want to congratulate the Skyline, Gateway Exhibits team for putting in the time and dedication to build their beautiful website on the Virteom Platform. They have a very talented team of individuals that are creative, adventurous and willing to try something new to better their business. Currently they are all celebrating at their office for overcoming such a wonderful milestone.

I am very proud of this moment for Gateway, my current team and many of the past developers that have made Virteom such a wonderful reality for us all.

Dan Carbone

To understand more about the Virteom License and how it can be applied to your next project click here.

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