Should What You Share Differ on Social Media Sites?

Should What You Post on Social Media Differ?Posting on social media sites is good for business and promoting your brand.  But is all news good news across social media sites?  Which sites are good for which type of news? 

Let’s break it down here.


LinkedIn is primarily a business site.  Its expertise is linking people through business related news and information.  LinkedIn differs from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus in that it links professionals with professionals, so discussions and posts should usually be less personal, less controversial and no selling.  You can post about accolades, awards, and promotions as this helps your brand.  Any charitable work or service you provide the community can be posted as well.  The postings should be more about your business acumen than your personal life. Keep it less personal.  LinkedIn is more for business associates; therefore, the postings should be more formal.


Twitter is a great tool for your business because you have the ability to quickly connect with people all around the world.  Twitter also has the great advantage of you being able to respond quickly to your customers.  With 140 characters or fewer you can share short little blips about your business as well as relevant information from around the web that adds to your twitter following.  You can also do polls, short videos and links.  It is a shorter, faster way to connect more often with your customers.  It can also be more informal than LinkedIn as you can post funny, silly things from the internet to keep your customers engaged.


Facebook  is a great social media launching point for getting into social media because of its wide reach and options for businesses.  Facebook can be used to share company updates, videos and photos, even live events.  The notable thing about Facebook is you don’t have to update it as often because it doesn’t make a difference in your fan base as much as it would to, for example, Twitter. Effective ways for a business to share on Facebook is to ask a question relevant to something in your business and give a call to action, like comment and share.  Commenting and sharing spreads the post around and engages more readers.

Google Plus

Posting on Google Plus does not get you as many engagements as any of the above, but what it does get you is targeted ones.  Unlike Twitter where your voice could be lost in its 132 million users, at Google Plus the competition is lower, so you are more likely to be noticed by a particular person or whoever is in your network (your circles).  Also, if you are already using Facebook and Twitter, it only takes a few minutes to post the same to Google Plus. So, Google Plus postings are a good mix between your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Posting on social media for business purposes is very different from personal postings.  Use this guide as a template for your successful business postings across all platforms.

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