Sure Your Website is Pretty But Does It Tell a Compelling Story?

Virteom shares the importance of a compelling story for your website | Cleveland, OH

Of course, design is an important part of a successful website but the fact of the matter is that the story you tell on that website is what matters the most! Your customers want to know why YOU are the business that is going to help THEM.  

Over the last 20 years we have been building websites and what we have noticed is that everyone is more concerned with how their site looks rather than the value that it is providing. But, trying to keep up with a pretty website is a vicious cycle.

The Three-Year Death Cycle

If all you are worried about is a pretty website, you’re going to want to change it every couple of years to keep up with the times. But, every three years you go back in to re-beautify your site and yet it still doesn't bring in any leads. At Virteom, we refer to this as the Three-Year Death Cycle.

Amazon’s Website

Take a look at Amazon’s website. It is one of the most cluttered, no-frills websites around, but what it excels in is providing value to its customers. This is one of the reasons that Amazon has done so well over the last few years, they know how to give their customers what they want without going the extra mile to have a “pretty” website!

Pretty is Not Enough, But It Doesn’t Hurt

At Virteom, we can provide you with a website that adds value and good looks! In one of our recent blogs, we talk about Discovery, which is just one way Virteom helps you help your customers!

With all of our website designers and developers, Virteom can give you the pretty site you want while also focusing on what matters most: your customers and generating more leads!

If you are stuck in the Three-Year Death Cycle or you don’t even have a website at all, Virteom can help! We can take the site you have now and convert it into a lead generating machine or we can build you one from the ground up! Contact us today if you have any questions about your website or what we can do for you!

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Virteom shares the importance of a compelling story for your website | Cleveland, OH

Posted by Virteom in Marketing, Tips

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