TestOil's Successful Media Campaign

TestOil's Successful Media Campaign

Virteom has had the pleasure of working with TestOil for over two years. TestOil is a full-service oil testing laboratory that prescribes corrective actions for industrial rotating equipment. In these two years, the partnership built between both companies has led to some fantastic, successful projects. One of those projects is our All-In-One Lead Generation Booster. 

Why Did TestOil Choose Virteom's All-In-One Lead Generation Booster? 

We were able to sit down with Heather Vercillo, the Marketing Director at TestOil. Upon getting the chance to have Heather in the studio, we were able to ask her some questions like, what led TestOil to use our All-In-One Lead Generation Booster? 


When TestOil became one of our clients, they did not have video content for their social media platforms or website. Heather mentions that the All-In-One was great because it really is All-In-One. Heather said that the booster handles the entire process for TestOil, which is nice when, at the time, they were a little smaller than they are now. TestOil has grown quite a bit in the past two years since they started working together with Virteom.

Videos, Social Media, And More 

Heather mentions that it is great to come into our studio and film the content for their online platforms. Heather touched on how grateful TestOil has been that their content, videos, and blogs have gone out on time. She appreciates the response time from our team.

TestOil's Experience With Virteom's Filming Methods 

Heather was delighted with the videos that we were able to provide for TestOil. She mentioned how difficult it was for TestOil to come up with fresh ideas for their videos. She feel comfortable and confident in reaching out to our team when she needs topic ideas for her industry.

Virteom's Google Ads For TestOil 

Aside from videos, blogs, and social media - our All-In-One Lead Generation Booster also comes with Google Ads. Heather and the TestOil team have been delighted with the outcome of these ad campaigns. She mentioned how TestOil received numerous calls from potential clients who still may not be too tech-savvy on social media, but found their way to TestOil through Google Ads. 

TestOil's Advice To Future And Potential Clients 

Heather mentioned that the time she has spent working with our team to develop video content for their online platforms has been smooth and easy. Heather enjoyed the simplicity of simply checking the content & postings Virteom producses, while focusing on her significant day-to-day tasks. 

To better quote Heather: 

"...so I highly recommend them if you are looking for a straightforward process; that's going to be great."

Learn More About Virteom's All-In-One Lead Generation Booster

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