Why you should be using Twitter Polls

In an age where social media reigns supreme, not having and properly utilizing social media accounts is akin to business suicide. One highly underutilized tool to help your business expand is a Twitter Poll. These polls are fantastic because they are easy to use and help you get in touch directly with your customer base. So perhaps you are new to the social media scene or just haven’t utilized Twitter very much. Here are a few ways to help you triumph on Twitter and why you need to use Twitter Polls.

Real Time Feedback

Maybe you are live streaming an event or a product release, but you need or want instant feedback on your product. Twitter polls are great because they reflect in real time how people are thinking and feeling. Or perhaps you’ve recently had a big development or software update to your product and want fast customer feedback. Twitter polls help you connect with your customers faster than ever.

Connect to Current Topics

You’ve probably seen or heard of “hashtags”. In case you were unsure what these were, it’s a way for people to tag relevant content that they want to share with others and ensure that it all ends up in the same feed. When a post is tagged with a keyword, for example: “Avon”, any post someone makes with the tag “#Avon”, will show should anyone else search for this location. So, if you happen to be a gym or a personal fitness coach, you might try tagging, “#fitness”, “#GymName”, “#Fitspiration”, or “#GymBuddy”, and so on. This way as others search these and similar topics, they will be lead back to you, thereby increasing traffic and, hopefully, revenue.

Ask the Audience: Market Research

If you really want to reflect a company culture that listens to and responds promptly to its customer base, then try implementing a poll to help come up with your next product or service. This gives you vital information about what your audience wants and what they’re really looking for from your company. Additionally, this also helps your customer base to feel as if they contributed in a meaningful way to your company. 

You can use this research in your other marketing efforts like Google Adwords. For example, if you were to run a Twitter poll to see which services your customer base was most interested, you'd then be able to base your Google Ad off those results. Additionally, Twitter polls can also reveal audiences interested in your product or services that you were not targeting before. 

Continuous Audience Engagement Breeds Success

Sometimes it’s a good idea to simply have a fun post that might not even have anything to do with your business at all. You could try a “Morning Mindboggler” game, or a lighthearted, “Which do you prefer: dogs, cats, or hamsters? Or none of the above!” Just to keep your account interactive and fun, it’s a good idea to have fun and simple polls like this. And fun polls like this, while encouraging participation from your customer/fan base, also help your followers to know that you still exist and that your account is indeed, still active.

Whatever your goal may be on Twitter, to gain followers, for brand exposure or to gain valuable marketing insight remember: it’s your own personal radio station. Feel free to use it as such and remember if you need any assistance with your social media account – we’re here to help!

Do you have any other tips on how to use Twitter polls? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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