You're too Busy for Marketing - and We Know Why!

You're Too Busy for Marketing - We know WhyWe know why you aren’t marketing: you’re running a business. Your time is literally your money and the money of everyone who works for you, and nothing eats up the hours of the day like running a business. When the buck stops with you, schedules need to be made, books need to be balanced, payroll needs to be in on time, supplies need to be ordered and products need to keep moving out steadily.

On top of all that, you still have to deal with daily decisions that can’t be planned for. Being your own boss has its drawbacks, and a premium on time is probably the most significant.

The problem is your business still needs to market, because marketing won’t happen by itself. Fresh original content needs to be posted to the business blog, social media needs to keep turning out fresh, useful information to your followers, and you need to continue to build your brand even as you get business done. How do you do that with all the responsibilities and time constraints you already have? That’s where we come in.

Delegate Your Marketing to Virteom

It is our mission to help businesses grow through the technologies we build. One of the best ways we know to grow your business is through marketing! Don’t stretch yourself further, let Virteom lighten the workload.

Rhythmic Marketing™ Roadmaps

Smart marketing requires measurable long-term objectives and goals. What would you do if you could sit down for one meeting and have your marketing for the next six months mapped out and ready to hand over to professional creatives? Let our team at Virteom create a Rhythmic Marketing Roadmap for your business, and ensure your marketing is driving business while you keep your business firing on all cylinders.

What is Rhythmic Marketing Roadmapping?

Our marketing roadmapping process is essentially working with you to compose a plan for what you want your marketing to do for you within a predetermined time frame. Generally, we use a six-month marketing roadmap since planning any further than that doesn’t keep your marketing agile and capitalizing on current trends. Here are a few of the marketing services we currently employ to help drive new business for you:

- Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Looking for fast marketing results? Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns not only work fast, but they can rapidly increase your organic search result ranking, too. If your marketing efforts just haven’t been generating the ROI you want, PPC is the way to go.

- Monthly Blog Topics

Not sure what content will trend? We have a creative team ready to help you develop high quality creative blog content that can be posted consistently to increase your search rank.

-Social Media Blasts

Keep your brand in front of your customers. Get your brand trending on social media with periodic blasts to followers and potential followers alike with specially crafted social media posts that will have you topping newsfeeds and sharing in no time.

-Email Marketing with TouchConvert

Let us do the heavy lifting for writing those email promotions and newsletters for your mailing list. Email is still a proven method of generating interest, and the right topic and headline can make all the difference. We can help you with all of your email marketing and drip marketing needs. 

- And much more!....

Every six months we will conference with you to update your marketing roadmap. Once we’ve determined where you are headed with your marketing for the next six months, TouchConvert  will automate your sales and marketing initiatives from a single program, allowing you to focus on other priorities. 

You're too busy for marketing - Let Virteom take care of it for you…

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