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Wood Tops & Tables: Live Edge Slabs

After some time managing their own website through Wix, Wood Tops and Tables wanted to take their website to the next level.

The goal for Wood Tops and Table’s new website was to bring awareness to their craft, and compel customers to browse current portfolio pieces and reach out with questions. 

To translate this information to their website, we needed to gain a better understanding of what they do, who they serve, and how they serve their customers.

We SHow the World Who YOu Are BY...

Understanding your Business

Through our Discovery Booster, we extracted all the information we needed to know about their business. Through cross-analysis questionnaire, persona development, and site mapping we quickly began to understand what WTTs did, and the passion the owner had behind it. 

How does a simple understanding of what they do and who they serve translate to their website? It allows us to understand who we’re speaking to so that we can choose the right imagery and verbiage for each page.

Custom Website Development

With the discovery findings in our back pocket, choosing a website template was easy. We knew that a template that accommodated lots of images, testimonials, and calls-to-action would work best to help build the reputation and recognition of our client's brand. Oddly enough, the template we used was for a completely different industry - a restaurant to be exact - but our team of experts were able to carefully tailor the design to lend itself to a custom furniture creator. Take a look for yourself.

Each page is rich with images that are custom to the topic at hand, and we included a video interview with the client to really bring a level of authenticity to the site. We sprinkled testimonials throughout each page so customers knew what other's experience with Wood Tops and Tables was like. We really enjoyed putting this website together and having an opportunity to put our client's passion into each page. 

Check out the Live Site

Old Wood Tops and Tables Website:

New Wood Tops and Tables Website:

Making Your Words Come to Life

When we saw how passionate the owner was about his craft, we recommended going through our Content Booster so that we could translate his passion through video. We recorded content interview style with the client and extracted all of the content he wanted to appear on the page.

Once the content was placed, the site really came to life with the beautiful portfolio pieces the client provided. The client absolutely loved what we came up with and felt that our words truly displayed his love for his work. 

Post Launch Marketing Benefits

Once a site goes live, it helps to have a little extra oompf! Video marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience and driving them to your new website really helps reel in the leads. Now that their site is live, we will begin to promote each page on his site to his current following on social media. This will help build brand awareness for the customer, drive leads to their site, and the best part is that they can just sit back a reel in those leads!

Interested in Some Custom Wood Furniture and Artwork of Your Own?

Check out WT&T’s social media channels and their new website!

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