Why do I need Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas | VirteomWhen you're building a business, it's imperative that you know who your target audience is. In order to develop your marketing campaign and even design your website, you need to understand the people that would have interest in your product or service. This will help you better market to and interact with them.

A great way to figure out this information is through identifying buyer personas. Each buyer has a persona which is based on specifics needs, emotions and demographics. These buyer types will have a personality that can direct your online market strategy to help facilitate the production of leads and conversions through your website.

Why take the time to identify your company's buyer personas? Because it helps identify the objectives, problems, and questions your potential customers may have when visiting your website. Thus, providing a clear and direct path for them to take when visiting your site. It also helps you map out what their steps of engagement may look like.

How will my business benefit from Persona Development?

Buyer Personas Help You Come Up With a Marketing Plan

When you know who your buyers are, you can come up with a marketing campaign that will get results. You will be able to effectively build marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns and nurturing campaigns since you know exactly who you're talking to. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most website visitors only stick around for less than 59 seconds. If you're unable to capture their attention within that time span, you've lost them. 

Through persona development you're able to determine exactly what your customers are looking for and put that on your webpage, in your email campaign or in your marketing pitch. Targeting messages tend to leverage more conversions, and keep users from abadoning your site in that 59 seconds.

Persona Development Helps You Write Your Website Content

Personas will help you build your content. This is both the content for your website as well as your blog, email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. When you know the personas, you can more effectively come up with ideas for content that will be relevant and interesting to your target audience.

They Increase Your Return on Investment 

Marketing campaigns can be both overwhelming as well as expensive. It can be hard to know where to start when marketing your business. Online marketing is really where you can get a high return on your investment. This starts by having multiple landing pages on your website that are directed toward your different buyer personas. By knowing what interests each buyer persona, you can gear landing pages toward them individually.

Personas Help Build your Website Funnels

When you know your defined buyers, you will be able to build your site funnels around them. Buyer personas allow you to create a path that is designed explicitly for them. This pushes those targeted customers to a solid lead conversion through your site. (These are the pages Virteom refers to as the "I am' pages.) 

If persona development is done correctly, then your visitors will will identify with one of the personas when you build your site. When you bring them to a landing page that is made for their persona, they will read content that has been catered to them, with their emotions, problems and a solution spelled out. These pages allow you to control how they navigate through your site, and you're able to provide them with any information they need. 

It can be difficult to define the different buyer persona funnels, but we can help. Contact Virteom today to start your buyer persona development exercise.

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