What Can My Business Blog About?

It’s no secret that blogging, or content marketing as it’s also called, is a great way to grow your business and authority. The challenge is coming up with fresh blog ideas on a consistent basis.

There are a lot of great resources and tools to help you come up with blog content ideas, but you can also use the list below to start crafting great content for your business blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your blog allows you to speak directly to your customers. It iis the perfect platform to help educate your customers. Take an inventory of the questions you get asked the most from your customers. Take the top five questions and create a blog post for each of them that goes into depth on the answer.

This approach not only is targeted to the needs of your customer, but it’s also a way to provide value and add credibility to your brand. It shows you listen and you care about your customer’s needs.

Case Studies

Find a few customers who have had great success with your product or service and interview them about their results. This type of article takes a strategic approach to marketing your business without sounding too “salesy”.

People love reading success stories, especially if they are considering buying from you. Your existing happy customers are the perfect people to profile in your blog.

How-to Trainings

Most people are searching the web to figure out how to do something. This is a good opportunity for you create a post or two around how to do something specific.

Be sure and keep this tutorial relevant to your offerings, but don’t oversell. The focus here is to provide value and building trust. It’s also a great way to build your web traffic through SEO.

Showcase Your Offerings

While you don’t want your blog to be all about selling, it is the perfect place to announce new products or services and to go in depth on the features and benefits.

This is where you can dive deeper into how your products help your customers. It also gives you an opportunity to show images that can help convert readers into buyers. Always include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post to encourage your readers to click for more information, or to buy.

video mini series

A lot of our clients have stepped away from the keyboard and turned to the video camera. Video marketing is one of the most popular trends in content marketing today.  Video marketing interactively engages your audience, raises brand awareness and prompts lead generation. Through these videos, you're able to tell a story. Choose one topic and break it up into several mini-series. Keep it short and sweet!

The answer lies within your analytics

If you are still not sure what to write about, then it may be time to take a look at your analytics. Tools like Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools make it easy to find search terms users are typing in to view your website. Not only do these tools allow you to see what terms visitors are typing in to land on your site, but they track which terms you are making an impression for (the user saw your website in their search results). 

Using the search terms visitors type in to land on your website as a blog topic is a great idea. That's because you're increasing your chances for the visitor to click on your website for that search term. 

Create an Editorial Calendar

That is just a few ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing for your blog content. Map out an editorial calendar and mix up your content with interviews, product showcases and how-to’s to keep your content interesting.

Remember to always keep your customer’s needs and interests as the priority for your content and you will build trust and gain credibility.

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