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CRM for Sales and Marketing

CRM for Sales and Marketing

Posted By Virteom
June 24, 2020 Category: TouchConvert

As a business owner or sales representative, what is the most important thing to you at the end of the day? Sales! To get sales, you need leads, and with Virteom, we have created a platform that can help you keep track of all of those leads in one place.  TouchConvert is an easy to use, highly effective CRM platform that incorporates marketing and sales together to maximize leads and productivity. TouchConvert was designed to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their time, tasks, note, leads; you name it.  CRM Made Easy TouchConvert is so easy to use because it is a comprehensive solution to all the things you need to know and do on a daily basis. It integrates right into your website and offers mobile accessibility, so you can keep in touch with your leads from anywhere, at any time.  Marketing CRM Create brand awareness, nurture your clients and leads, and educate your employees and clients about important information. Sales CRM Warm-up your leads, track your sales and prospective buyers, and close deals with a few clicks.  SEO CRM TouchConvert scans your website to ensure your content is helping you rank with Google. When Google likes you, customers find you, and sales flood in.  Social Media CRM Oversee all of your social media channels from one place! Email Campaigns CRM This is a big one! Effortlessly create custom email blast or drips in TouchConvert and send them right away or schedule them out and forget until those le